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Who is "Darth Skippy the Machine"

I'm Darth Skippy "A.K.A. Kenny Marine" local Louisville Kentucky musician, songwriter, local business owner, producer, Star Wars Superfan, and HUGE fan of music. I have been playing music for over 39 years and writing for 28 of those years. I have been a part of many different local and regional bands in Louisville KY since the late 1980's and early 1990's. I was one of the founding members of the Hardcore Band "The 4 Rose Society" during Louisville Ky's budding hardcore scene in the 80's and 90's. 

I am lucky enough to be able to play proficiently drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, harmonica, slide guitar, and ukulele.  I am also an accomplished vocalist.  I have performed as a lead and backing singer in almost all of my prior projects.  Along with my musical talents I have produced a host of albums for local and regional acts.  Not to mention all of my own solo projects and some band projects as well.

I ran Double K Recording Studio for 14 years and I am still recording my own music today.  I do it more for myself these days and my music style has traveled quite extensively over the years. I still write many types and styles of music, but the Instrumental / Electronica / Music Score style speaks more to me these days. I am a huge fan of Vince Dicola, John Carpenter, Harold Faltermeyer, John Williams, & Danny Elfman just to name a few.

​Not only am I a songwriter, but I also dabble in making beats and samples for other artists.  I am proud to be an all around musician.  I love creating music, music of any kind.

Take a listen and enjoy the songs I have posted. I enjoyed making them.

Rock On - Darth Skippy

Solo Projects:


Darth Skippy The Machine

  • "Chasing Sunsets" 2020 - Single

  • "The World Within" 2020 - Single

  • "Trailer Park Disco" 2020 - Digital Release

  • "Looking Straight Ahead" 2020 - Digital Release

  • "Things In The Night" 2019 - Digital Release

  • "A Bunch of Shit" 2019 - Digital Release

  • "The Best of Skippy The Machine" 2019 - Digital Release

  • "Groove Music" 2018 - Digital Release


Kenny Marine

  • "Lost" 2006

Band Discography: 

  • Skippy The Machine, The Jake Parker Band, Mike Dirty, Clowncar, She Groove, Sigmund Fudd, Zero Cycle, 40 Watt Station, Janitors of the Apocalypse, Muddlust, & The 4 Rose Society.


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Homebase - Louisville, Kentucky

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