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Welcome to the Custom Shop


This is where we can make your Custom Pedalboard or Product dream a reality. Everything that you need to make your next pedalboard awesome! 

We can get you a mockup and an estimate in the same day.
Our pedalboards are all customizable, but sometimes you just want something all your own. We can do that no problem. We've been making custom pedalboards since 2013 and we have 1,000's of builds under our belt. Contact us today to get your custom pedalboards started.
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We can add some cool stuff to your board.
We can make’em small or super size. 

We offer:


  • 1/4″ solderless connectors

  • power inlets

  • access holes

  • power access holes

  • handles

  • notched handles

  • custom design

  • "Weird Stuff"!

Not only that, we can make custom Amp Stands, Pick Boxes, Guitar Wall Hangers, and other accessories as well. If you need it personalized with your name or band logo we can do that too. CONTACT US for more details.

Check out some of our Custom Shop Pics below.

Carpenter at Work

Some of Our Custom Work

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