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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Pop Culture, Gaming, Toys


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The Orbit -76 Podcast is Darth Skippy talking about the things that have a strong influence on who we Geeks are as a people...Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Horror, and Pop Culture!  With a bit of gaming, Collecting, and just general dorkness sprinkled in!  


Darth Skippy being the host with the most will have different folks on to bounce things off of from time to time.  So many things to talk about these days.  


Be sure to tune in.


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If you have questions about the podcast, please send us a message.  We're always looking for ideas for the show.

Sponsors:  Every podcast needs sponsors.  It helps us with the costs of running a podcast.  The biggest is trying to reach more folks and of course storage and hosting of our podcast.  If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us.  There are different levels of sponsorship and all are appreciated.

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