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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Pop Culture, Gaming, Toys


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The Orbit -76 Podcast is Two guys one agenda....to talk about the things that have a strong influence on who we are...Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Horror, and Pop Culture!  With a bit of gaming, Collecting, and just general geekness sprinkled in!  


This is a “Family Thing”, as Darth Skippy (A.K.A. Kenny Marine #1) and Trvshcvn (trash can)(A.K.A. Kenny Marine #2) are a father and son team.  Of course Darth Skippy raised the Trvshcvn with sci-fi, gaming, collecting, and all that is Pop Culture.


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If you have questions about the podcast, please send us a message.  We're always looking for ideas for the show.

Sponsors:  Every podcast needs sponsors.  It helps us with the costs of running a podcast.  The biggest is trying to reach more folks and of course storage and hosting of our podcast.  If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us.  There are different levels of sponsorship and all are appreciated.

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