So How Does Everybody Feel About The Last Jedi? (No Spoilers)

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Now that we are on course to be almost a week away on the other side of the release date. I have seen The Last Jedi and I have some thoughts. I will say this, if you go into this movie with high expectations (as I did) you will quickly find that you will be floored, by some of what happens. In all honesty...that is a good thing. The action is great, the humor is on point, and of course the story is truly Star Wars. We don't need to say anything about the special effects know I.L.M. right?

I will say this...I left the theater with a weird feeling. I was so glad that I saw the movie, but i was literally left with more questions, than answers. I enjoyed the film, but I felt like there were some things that should have been addressed more. I guess those things will be made clear in episode IX...I hope. I would like to hear your comments as well. Let me know what you think. The Force binds us all together, so may the Force be with you always. Darth Skippy

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