My Thoughts on Solo A Star Wars Story

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

(Warning I curse a lot in this post. You might want to leave your feelings at the door or just not read this. NO SPOILERS)

I will say with absolute certainty that a lot of Star Wars fans don't know what the fuck they are talking about and some critics can kiss my ENTIRE ASS. Solo was a fun movie from start to finish. One of my top three of all time. Not top saga movies, but of all the SW movies. It was what SW is all's fun. It was a blast!

To all these so called fans that want to pick it apart and blast the actors, directors, and producers.....we'll maybe you should go watch the expanse or something. Stop threatening to give up on Star Wars. Just do it and seriously shut the fuck up. Now I even hear some are crying about droids rights or some stupid shit. I mean really?....I'm so tired of this whiny ass, spoiled brat, get a trophy for everything generation. If you don't like the movies then why do you insist on seeing them and paying money. I guess you're just fucking stupid I guess.

If you haven't seen it....GO. It was a lot of fun. it was 4/4 for my Star Wars loving family that loved it. So there it is. I am just over the fans that really aren't even fans anymore. They're just a bunch of whiny ass grown up kids. You go in with expectations, then yeah it's going to sting. Go in with an open mind? It's tons of fun and entertaining. Go enjoy this great movie and tell anybody that starts to whine about it that Darth Skippy said to FUCK OFF!!!

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