Will the real Star Wars fans stand up?

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Here’s the deal with the wishy washy Star Wars fans of today.

Some, NOT ALL fans are just butthurt that Disney now owns Lucasfilm and they are forever claiming “that Disney has ruined Star Wars”. Of course this is NOT true at all. Just to give you some examples. Take a look at the credits of ANY new Star Wars movie. The only Disney teams that work on Star Wars movies are marketing and accounting. Of course this would be the team that works on them, because they are damn good at their job right? Everything else, story line, special effects,.....everything is done within Lucasfilm with NO Disney influence. So if the whiny fans want to cry.....cry to Lucasfilm. Then they want to turn their hate to Kathleen Kennedy or KK as they call her. They love to say that she is pushing her agenda and blah, blah, blah... If a man wants to have a relationship with a robot, I'm pretty sure it is totally plausible right? In this day and age especially. Where in the hell you think they get ideas like that? Oh yeah, the real world. Honestly the real Star Wars fans, you know the ones that enjoy our movies....are sick of your bullshit. Plain and simple. WE HAVE MOVIES. Under George Lucas there wasn't going to be anymore movies. He was done with it. We didn't have new t-shirts, toys, or games coming out. Star Wars was dying. Canon / Non Canon? Again...who cares. They took out items that were used in books and stories. Yeah there were some cool ideas there, but there were some really shitty ones too. Honestly a majority of the stories were not all that great. There are a handful that stuck out. Of course the ideas that were good are being re-hashed and turned into movies and TV shows. As they should be. Sorry if you obscure Star Wars novel from 1989 when you were in middle school didn't make the cut. Get OVER IT!!!

Disney has not ruined ANYTHING. They just give Lucasfilm tons of cash so they can keep making more Star Wars movies. STOP being butthurt over things that you obviously don’t understand. The rest of us fans actually like what’s happening and are sick of your whining.

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