Was the Emperor incompetent to some degree?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

If you ever really look at the Empire and it's virtually small reign in the grand scheme of things you wonder why? Well I can tell you this...the Emperor was to blame. He made some really terrible decisions while he was in command. Let's take a trip in the way back machine and go back to when he was Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

This guy was in command of the biggest clone army ever created. The tools that were used for war were awesome. The best of the best. The clones had the best training and equipment. They were able to pretty much get rid of the Jedi in one big stroke (order 66), but yet as the Empire took hold the Emperor started making huge changes to the way that clones were made. Instead of squeezing the Kaminoans into submission, he attempted a failed invasion of Kamino. Instead what he should have done was went there personally like he did with the siege of Mandalore by Darth Maul and took the planet. He could have done this easily and with no mercy. He could have also instilled the fear into the scientists of Kamino. Stealing their secrets, then getting rid of them. Another thing that really makes no sense is the way that the Republic cruisers were replaced with the larger Star Destroyers. Of course they were menacing, but were not as efficient as the Republic cruisers. The Republic ships were made for war, the Imperial ships were made for intimidation. I have always thought that the ships should have been made the same with advancements in weaponry. I'm not saying don't make the Star Destroyers, but have each one accompanied by two Cruisers. Imagine how well that would have kept things under a tight rule. All of this would have made the Empire more stable and truly more ruthless than ever. The Rebellion would have been destroyed or put down so hard that it wouldn't have been able to put up a fight. Anyway, this is just some thoughts that I had and thought I would share. What you folks think?

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