The Rise of Skywalker....F%$K YEAH!

Updated: May 12, 2020

I have a lot of faith in JJ Abrams and NOW I am excited. Everything from the look of the film and the vibe of the film. I will say this I was not expecting anything like what was presented. That is always a good thing. It looks like our heroes will be battling together in this one and not all scattered out all over the galaxy. That I really like.

There are so many scenes in the trailer that show the whole team together. I like the way that Luke is most likely there in spirit form. Being the Obi-Wan figure. I think that is an awesome thing. Also let us NOT forget the last line of of Luke in the trailer...."No one is ever really gone", then we hear the cackling of the Emperor in the background. HOLY SHIT! Many shits were lost that day. I am truly excited to see this movie now. If anyone can fix the flaws from TLJ, I am confident that it is JJ. TFA was a great movie. It was fun, exciting, and brought back the nostalgia of the old films. I can't wait to see this movie. Take Aways: Possibility of force ghosts, Emperor returning, light saber battles, Rey's Parentage. Fears: WHERE THE HELL IS R2D2?!

Check out my video on the trailer below.

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