The Death of Admiral Ackbar...Meaningless?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I have finally come to grips that The Last Jedi is just an OK movie and the look of the film, the LOOK only was amazing. The writing left us all with more questions, anger, and disappointment than ever. The way that certain characters were treated and the overall way that they were dismissed altogether. From Luke just being a pawn of the story instead of a figurehead, and Leia's magical flying through space powers. The disappointment is all over that script and movie. The one that really stands out is a beloved character Admiral Ackbar who was a leader of the Rebellion, the Resistance, and a major part for the cause against the Empire as well as the First Order. His death like many in this new trilogy left us with a bad taste in our mouths. Those that only knew the Prequels and not the original series don't seem to grasp how sudden and crude his death really was. Not only was he a leader that helped turn the tide of the war against the Empire, his species were pivotal in making sure that the Rebellion won. For him to just be blown out into space and that's it to a great commander is well...insulting. The pitiful writing of the Last Jedi did this to try to wipe away all of the old characters to make room for the new without the proper respect to them. To make room for a character, Vice Admiral Holdo, who we give zero shits about. When the time came to make the sacrifice play it should have been Admiral Ackbar to do it. Quite honestly it was sickening to watch this no name, no care, ineffective character of Holdo take that spot. It just goes to show that the respect for the our Old School characters didn't mean much either to Disney, Rian Johnson, or both. I think with the death of Admiral Ackbar they truly made it a meaningless death that could have been so much more. The character that gave us one of the biggest and well known catchphrases of that generation "It's a trap?", surely fell into one with the Last Jedi. RIP Admiral. We will truly miss you.

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