Star Wars a Fan's Hope.....Nah It Sucks! What?!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

With the NEW release of The Rise of Skywalker on the horizon it is plain to see that some Star Wars fans will NEVER be happy with anything. They are still crying over The Last Jedi for Yoda's sake. That was TWO YEARS AGO!!! It is seriously just time to move on. I like many have faith that JJ Abrams will do it justice, not only because he wants to, but because Disney wants him to.

Let's face it Rian Johnson did a good job of making a SW movie that divided a fanbase. Some folks will debate that, but that is a FACT folks. He did. That was what he accomplished. With that said you have to, HAVE TO understand that the SW movies that some of us grew up with will NEVER be again. We were younger and it had a profound effect on our lives, or at least that is what it did for me. I loved all of the original movies, they were great. Except for that TERRIBLE Holiday Special thing. Even as a kid I thought that was lame. The movies transported us to that galaxy far, far, away. As an adult, with adult kids of my own I see the movies with older eyes. They are still great and always will be, but the prequels are so much more to my son and daughter. That was their Star Wars. That is what they had. My kids love Episode I, II, & III. I didn't like them as much. I still liked them, because hey....they're Star Wars. These NEW movies are for a whole new generation that this will be THEIR Star Wars. All the negativity that has surrounded all three of these films has gotten out of hand. Myself included in this madness. It took me seeing the joy in my young nephew's face learning about SW for the first time and just seeing how it was really fun for him for me to be pulled toward the light. Is it my Star Wars anymore? No, it's their Star Wars. That is why fans are having such a hard time with the changes, myself included. I don't want to let go of that innocence I felt when I saw those movies for the first time, but I know that I must move on and enjoy them in a different way now.

So when I see older fans already wanting to boycott a movie that they haven't even seen. I seriously don't get it. It can't suck, because you haven't even seen it yet. It may be the best one yet that brings EVERYTHING into focus, but you're too blind to your own ignorance that you refuse to see it. That is immature and ignorant at best. You may come out of the theater thinking that it was just OK, and that's fine. It's NOT your Star Wars anymore and it was never meant to be. I hope that you all can go see The Rise of Skywalker and enjoy it. Don't ruin it for another generation, because it's not YOUR Star Wars. Let it be theirs. Remember no one ruined your Star Wars when you were a kid.

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