Motivated to be a Star Wars Fan? What?!

I keep seeing posts by supposed Star Wars fans and YouTubers that keep running down Star Wars because they’re still butthurt about The Rise of Skywalker or some other damn reason. Move on folks seriously. If you have to be motivated to be a fan, then maybe Star Wars isn’t the fandom for you aye?! There are plenty of other fandoms out there that need a miserable fan too. Go check them out.

I know I’m tired of reading posts on IG, YouTube, and Facebook about how you hate this or that and Star Wars just isn’t exciting for you...blah, blah, frickety blah! Then step away and go become a fan of a lesser franchise. Seriously we won’t miss you. Chances are, you’ll miss us.

It’s just getting old. Especially these folks with podcasts and YouTube channels saying this garbage. Get over yourselves or find a new subject to cover in your shows. Loyal fans are a bit over it.

As a fan do we love everything? NO! The difference is we don’t complain about it ALL THE TIME!!! We can have a civil conversation about it, you folks CAN'T! It's not that we are following blindly, it's that we know that being whiny little "I want it my way or no way" kind of person isn't well....being an adult. If you want to come to blows and fight over something because you don't like it, or it is or isn't considered "Canon" anymore....well I sincerely feel sorry for you.

Worse, you get into signing your little petitions that maybe make you feel like you have some power....YOU DON'T. The Studios, Lucasfilm, and Disney have ALL of the power. Get over it. Sign your little petitions, or protest this, or boycott makes you look like spoiled brat idiots. They’re not changing a movie because little ole YOU didn’t agree with it. SMFH. This entitled fan crap needs to stop. It's seriously getting old. Anyway....carry on my SW fans! I had to get that off my chest. May the force be with you....Always.

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