Star Wars Sequel Trilogy - Null & Void?

Well apparently this might actually be a thing. Hello Star Wars Folks...Darth Skippy here with a weird dose of factoids to spill on you. I have read several stories about Disney and Lucasfilm apparently retconning the Sequel Trilogy that starred Daily Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Issacs. There had been talk of this for a while and it looks like the Star Wars universe may get a BIG reset. I myself have mixed feelings about this. I would like to see a better story, but when you get into the world between worlds and Sith alchemy stuff. Things tend to get convoluted.

For one, we don't have our princess anymore so Carrie won't be a part of this new series. Of course we have Luke and Han, but honestly are they going to be a part of it either? There are so many unknowns and can the Fanbase withstand another round of dip-shittery on the part of Lucasfilm and Disney? I just don't know. Don't get me wrong I want more Star Wars movies, but I don't think this is the way to go about it.

There will be pockets of fans that will be happy with these turn of events. I won't be one of them, unless they can do it in a way that makes it what Star Wars has always been....SPECTACULAR! The movies have to be fun and take us to that place Far, Far, Away. Star Wars is an event. It's a family event. I was raised on Star Wars, my kids were raised on Star Wars and I'm pretty sure that my grandkids will be raised on Star Wars too. I really hope that they have something to be proud of. I honestly would really like to see NEW characters and of course the big one....The Old Republic. Those are movies that I am really excited about seeing go to the big screen. How amazing would that be? We would get to see some pretty amazing characters brought to life and see the universe at a different time. For me personally I would love to see the glory days of the Republic, the Jedi, and the Sith. What do you folks think?

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