Star Wars The Clones Wars - Final Episodes (Warning Potential Spoilers)

With the latest Episode "Shattered" already by the wayside, now we turn our focus on the end of the Clone Wars and the end of an amazing show. The writing in this last season has been pretty spectacular. Granted there were a few episodes that weren't really all that interesting, but they HAD to happen to move the story along and it actually tied into Ashoka's path. Her growth over this season has been pretty phenomenal, and lets face needed to happen. She is a furious warrior and even bested Maul. One thing that I will say is this...the look of the last three episodes, and I'm sure the last will be as well, look AMAZING! With the motion capture tracking (mo-cap) for Maul being done by Ray Park and Ashoka being done by Lauren Mary Kim things just take on a whole new realness. Star Wars fans will know Kim as the stunt double for Emily Swallows’s character, the Armorer, on The Mandalorian tv show. Where she kicked some Storm Trooper ass in the last episode of season one. This was the first time mo-cap was done in the Clone Wars for a light saber battle. It made the scenes feel much more real and the stakes higher.

All I know is this...I can't wait to see the last episode for the Cone Wars. With Order 66 dropping in "Shattered" and Ashoka coming to realization with Rex's help that ALL the Clones are in fact wired to kill all of the Jedi....the plot thickens for sure. I am pretty sure that we have seen Chopper from Rebels, with his shiny appearance. He's one of the droids helping Ashoka with Rex in the med bay scenes. Amazing stuff. If you've been watching you know that everything is falling into place and you feel the real peril of the galaxy. Next Friday is the end of the Clone Wars. I know I will be sitting and watching it. Probably sobbing like a little kid that just dropped his ice cream cone.

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